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 PUBG Mobile has confined teens to partake 
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Beitrag PUBG Mobile has confined teens to partake
The most rated game will not allow it’s the players under the age of 18 years to play the game. A new update to ‘PUBG Mobile’ limits the gaming the players who are under the age of 18 years.

Many countries like China are replacing ‘PUBG Mobile’ with ‘Game for Peace’ as the Gameplay system of such countries is not on the same grounds as the rest of the countries. Looking at the mobile gaming graphs of such countries it is decided to roll out a Gameplay Management system for its action games on mobile. The teenagers can only play the game with an advisory notice whenever they start the game.
After when they start the game, you will see notifications popped-up on the gaming screen, which reminds the players to take a break at the regular intervals.

PUBG Developers review about this issue.

According to the developers, they want to make sure that the gaming community is armed to make choices when it comes to ‘PUBG Mobile’. However, the developers and the designers of the game explains that the game is a proactive step in ensuring that millions of gamers across the world can still enjoy ‘PUBG Mobile’ in a sustainable manner. The game has been already banned from China as it failed to convince the government authorities.

The game is still seeking for the official license instead of coming up with alternative ‘Game for Peace’. However, this Gameplay Management system is set in the roots of ‘PUBG Mobile’ for the government authorities to approve the game. The developers are now looking at all the ways to verify teenager gamers, their ages to enforce the playing time limits.

Moreover, the mobile game ‘Arena of Valor’ designed by the Chinese developers is on the same path of ‘League of Legends’ which has a gameplay management system in the specific place, they have again introduced a response to concern over the harmful effects of playing habits

The decision to make PUBG inaccessible for teenagers is a decision taken globally. Players under the 18 years of age should not indulge in such destructive mobile game that is why the gamers should respect the decision taken by the government authorities.


Sa 25. Mai 2019, 10:33
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